Press Release

For the sixth consecutive year streets across the world will be humming with the tune of classic and vintage-style engines in support of The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, who this year is support global prostate cancer and mental health run by our official charity partner, the Movember Foundation.

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride was founded in 2012 by Mark Hawwa after being inspired by an image of Mad Men’s Don Draper saddled upon a classic motorcycle in his pressed and fitted dapper sixties-styled suit. This led Mark to form a motorcycle charity ride linked with this exclusive style to raise funds and combat the negative stereotypes of the motorcycling community.

It was clear that The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride would grow to be an international success after reaching over 2,500 rides across 64 cities in its first year. In the following year alone The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride would grow by four-times the participants in over double of the cities across the world, raising over $270,000 AUD for the PCFA. Fast-forward to 2016 and The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride has raised over $8 million USD for men’s health and prostate cancer research, with a footprint in over 500 cities, and over 90 countries.

This year, The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride looks to unite 70,000 riders through 600 cities in 95 countries, with a goal of raising $5 million USD for men’s health on behalf of charity partner The Movember Foundation.

Press Release Continued

Triumph Motorcycles, a commanding name within the motorcycling community, has remained loyal to the cause. They have returned for another year, showcasing their support by presenting The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride with 4 brand-new motorcycles to be handed to the events’ highest fundraisers and competition winners.

Zenith Watches, the luxury Swiss watchmakers are returning once again to show their resounding support for The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride by giving 5 custom-made ornate timepieces to the most efficacious fundraising gentlefolk.

Hedon Helmets, the opulent helmet manufacturers; offering 100 extraordinary handcrafted helmets, all to give away to their most ardent fundraisers.

Reading this you’ll find a recurring theme: vintage fashion and men’s health. The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride encourages riders, regardless of gender, to participant in and raise money for men’s health. Participants ride not only for themselves, but for their fathers, partners, brothers, uncles, and friends and; meaning no matter their gender, their contribution is going toward those they love. The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride encourages all people across the world to raise their voices – men are dying too young, and it’s time to make a change.

About the Movember Foundation

The Movember Foundation is the leading men’s health charity, funding over 1,200 projects in 21 countries worldwide – focused on men’s mental health, suicide prevention, testicular and prostate cancer research, and support. To date, Movember has raised over $800 million worldwide to deliver innovative, breakthrough research and support programs that enable men to live happier, healthier and longer lives.

A Word From the Founders

"The past 5 years have seen The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride grow far more than I ever could have imagined – not only in its reach and the number of participants of the ride itself, but in people that have made that decision to get themselves checked. Working with the Movember Foundation has allowed us to target key concerns in men’s health, helping us change the lives of men and helping them to live longer and happier. None of this would be made possible if not for the support and unity of Triumph Motorcycles and Zenith Watches. The collective passion of all these brilliant organisations is the fuel to The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, empowering all classic and custom motorcycle riders to bond together and put on the most dashing charity event this world has ever seen."

Mark Hawwa, Founder of Distinguished Gentleman's Ride

"The support and passion from the ride hosts, volunteers and participants is overwhelming. The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride is about bringing together the motorcycle community to ride dapper, fundraise for the Movember Foundation and most importantly have shoulder to shoulder conversations. If we can get man to ride together and have conversations, then we can help change their behaviour and help men stop dying too young. Thanks for fuelling the ride!"

JC, Founder of Movember Foundation